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Helenistic fort Daorson

Somewhere is Herzegovinian karst, Daorson is a living proof for existence of Stolac and its surroundings. A Hellenized Illyrian tribe of Daorsi who lived around 300 till 50 B.C.E. in a valley of river Neretva, built their capital city in Stolac, called Daorson. All administrative, public and religious facilities where located there. They took over Greek language and alphabet, and held constant trading connections with Greeks. The remains of numerous amphorae, fine pottery, a bronze helmet with engraving similar to the one found in Macedonia, the remains of granite sculpture of Cadmus and Harmonia, and Illyrian relief with 13 serpents and 5 pairs of eagle wings. Today, more than 3.500 years later, with its megalithic walls, the city of Daorson witnesses former great power. Its importance grows larger thanks to an idea to suggest Daorson to the list of 7 new wonders of the world several years ago.

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In the 15th century, the Kosača family ruled the area of Hum (Herzegovina) and was one of the most powerful noble families in the Kingdom of Bosnia. There are assumptions that the family was named after the village of Kosač near the Piva and Tara river. The influence and power of Kosača can be seen during the time of the first Bosnian king Tvrtko I.
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